Plugins and patches

These are for Max/MSP 8 and Max4Live.

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Think of this as kind of a signal to CV converter. Bandpass filter -> signal detector -> ramp generator -> modulation output for any Live parameter.


For Live 10.1+

Version 0.2.0:
Click to download (1.1MB)


Decimator with choosable aliasing, noise-based aliasing and fractional bitcrushing. Thanks to Phoxeon for ideas! đŸ’–


For Live 10.1.

Version 1.0.0:
Click to download (305kB)

Phase Distotter

Phase-distortion synth with up to 16 voices. Two stages of distortion + harmonic knobs. Thanks to William Light (@wrl) for help with the PD algo and David Miner for testing help.


  • Up to 16 voices
  • Harmonic + distortion
  • Mono to M/S stereo knob
  • Aliased noise into osc
  • Moog-style ladder filter (by Surreal Machines)
  • Multimode lp/hp/bp filters (by Surreal Machines)
  • Filter envelope


For Live 10.1.

Version 1.0.0:
Click to download (1MB)


2048-oscillator hypersaw synth.


  • Spread knob
  • Movement knob
  • Up to 16 voices (selectable)
  • Up to 128 oscillators (selectable)
  • Filter + ADASR envelope
  • Amp with ADASR envelope


For Live 10.1.

Version 1.0.0: Click to download (196kB)

ADASR Envelope Generator

This is NOT A PLUGIN, just a Max patcher that you can use in your own patches.

This is a JD800 style envelope generator with a second attack stage before sustain.


  • Individual controls for time and level for each stage.
  • Interpolation modes for fun interpolating between points!



  • Fixed release to continue from the value the envelope is currently outputting when trigger goes to 0


For Max 8.

Version 1.0.2:
Click to download (65kB)


Waveshaper with blackjack and hookers. Creates rather awful tones that are useful when you need awful tones. It’ll fuck ya or your money back.


  • 19 waveshaping algorithms, some ok, some awful.
  • A noise generator. It makes noise.
  • Sine and saw wave ring modulation.


For Live 10.

Click to download (245kB)

Roland System-1 Control Interface for Max 4 Live

This is a free controller that you can use to automate and control your Roland System-1 synthesizer via Ableton Live. You will need Max 4 Live. It includes all the features from Roland’s updates up to V1.20.


  • No need to set your external instrument to receive MIDI to receive knob changes
  • All features from V1.20 have been implemented;
  • 6 new waveforms for oscillators
  • The ability to change the bender range
  • Coarse tuning for OSC2
  • Properly named controls for automation


  1. Drop the controller on an empty MIDI track.
  2. Drop an External Instrument device after it. Find it under Instruments > External Instrument.
  3. Pick your System-1 as the MIDI out from the External Instrument to send MIDI data to your System-1.


For Live 10 and up.

Download on