Phase Distotter

phase distotter screenshot

Phase-distortion synth with up to 16 voices. Two stages of distortion + harmonic knobs. Thanks to William Light (@wrl) for help with the PD algo and David Miner for testing help.


  • Up to 16 voices
  • Harmonic + distortion
  • Mono to M/S stereo knob
  • Aliased noise into osc
  • Moog-style ladder filter (by Surreal Machines)
  • Multimode lp/hp/bp filters (by Surreal Machines)
  • Filter envelope

Known issues

When you change the number of voices, all controls reset. Wiggle the knobs to get audio back again. I will fix this when I have some free time.


For Live 10+ / Max 8.

Download Phase Distotter 1.0.amxd