Roland System-1 Control Interface

Roland System-1 Control Interface screenshot

This is a free controller that you can use to automate and control your Roland System-1 synthesizer via Ableton Live. You will need Max 4 Live. It includes all the features from Roland’s updates up to V1.20.

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  • No need to set your external instrument to receive MIDI to receive knob changes
  • All features from V1.20 have been implemented;
  • 6 new waveforms for oscillators
  • The ability to change the bender range
  • Coarse tuning for OSC2
  • Properly named controls for automation


  1. Drop the controller on an empty MIDI track.
  2. Drop an External Instrument device after it. Find it under Instruments > External Instrument.
  3. Pick your System-1 as the MIDI out from the External Instrument to send MIDI data to your System-1.


For Live 10+ / Max 8.

Download MEGA HYPER YIFFER 5001.amxd