Hello world

Miu is happy

I've been dithering on making a new website for years now, and finally put it together! I've been inspired by my friends to write more, and hope to make an effort to jot more of my thoughts down in the future.

My old website was an mess I made in half an hour with Hexo, and its custom theme fell out of the supported API, so I ended up not updating it for a long time.

This iteration runs on Sveltekit, which I've been delving into since early beta.

Current focus

Code wise, my current focus is on LUFS and Auth70 besides work. LUFS is something I've been working on since early 2022 as there's a lot going behind the scenes. Auth70 grew out of its authentication and authorization needs.

At work, I've been closely involved in creating custom authentication flows that adhere to enterprise standards, and the limitations of current services and libraries has been a pain point for me for a while. Most authorization flows don't allow for the sort of granularity that one would need in the real world, so lots of insecure glue code gets made.

It's not very MVP-y to get distracted from the main project to make something as unsexy as an auth layer, but I've been feeling determined. Not sure if all of it will get published, but even for my own projects, it feels good to own the layer entirely. I've been relying on things like Passport for too long, Auth.js is too tied to the concept of having a router available, Keycloak is too much buy-in, and the cloud service providers are running code that I can't audit on someone else's computer.

While working on these, I've been producing some public packages to cover some of the features that haven't been available for non-Node environments. paseto-ts and argon2-wasi/bcrypt-wasi are the first.

What's playing

One thing I think will be nice to have on each post is three albums showing what I've been listening to lately. I've been streaming with Tidal, so the links will point there for now.

DJ Sprinkles & Hardrock Striker - Skylax House Explosion

A wonderful collection of releases from the Skylax label mixed by some of my favorite DJs.

Kerri Chandler - Spaces and Places

This one took a few listens, but it's permanently stuck in my head now. Kerri's composed tracks in a bunch of clubs and they're all collected in one here. It's interesting to hear how each club seems to have its own feel.

The Awakening - Hear, Sense and Feel

I've been going through the Black Jazz Records' catalogue. All of them great, but I've picked Awakening's album to feature. It is a wonderful whole worth listening from start to end.