screenshot is a loudness measurement tool in your browser. It allows you to find out the integrated loudness (LUFS) & true peak (dBTP) for any WAV and FLAC audio file up to 384kHz/32bit and 8 channels.

The free online loudness analysis tool shows:

  • Integrated Loudness (LUFS)
  • Sample Peak (dBFS)
  • True Peak (dBTP)
  • Loudness Range (LU)
  • Momentary maximum (LUFS)
  • Short-term maximum (LUFS)
  • Relative Threshold (dBFS)
  • And more


There is a lot more going on behind the scenes at LUFS. I am very busy building other tools for audio professionals and hope to reveal more in public soon.

Tech stack

The project is written in TypeScript and Rust. It uses a PostgreSQL/Timescale database. It is hosted on Vercel, Oracle Cloud, Backblaze and Cloudflare Workers.